Submit A Point

You may submit as many points as you like. Be as vague or graphic, as verbose or concise as you like.

Points should follow this format:

POINT: A thing you believe about yourself or want to believe about yourself if you can be very honest.

COUNTERPOINT: All the self-talk and messages from other people that lead you to doubt yourself.

ACTUAL POINT: The evidence you have for your original belief. It can be internal or external, conclusive or just suggestive. What matters is that it lets you trust yourself.

CONCLUSION: Your original point, “and that’s ok.”

Please allow 48 hours for your submission to be published. Most will post much sooner, but if after two days you do not see your post and have not received an email requesting an edit, please email Nattily (notesoncrazy {at} gmail {dot} com).

Your post might be edited for spelling or formatting, but your words themselves will not be altered without your permission. Trigger warnings may be added at your request or at the discretion of the editor. If you feel your submission has been edited so that it no longer reflects your Actual Point, please resubmit with an indication of where it went wrong and how to fix it.

Thank you!

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