About The Project

The Actual Point Project is a collaborative effort to reduce self-doubt and promote acceptance of self.

It began as a personal project by Nattily on her blog, Notes on Crazy, driven by her own struggles with trust and doubt. Her post explaining the origin and concept can be read here.

Subjects and tags may be as varied as the individuals who submit them, but – for now at least – each post is labeled with one of three categories, indicated by the post’s color on the index page:

  • Self-awareness is purple, and includes points primarily addressing knowledge of ourselves, and becoming more authentic as we learn who we are.
  • Forgiveness is orange, and includes points about actions or decisions of the past, present, or future, offering understanding without attaching judgment.
  • Acceptance is yellow, and includes points concerning the very human need to be seen by others for who we really are, for the way we choose to present ourselves, and for everything we are proud of regardless of expectation.

Feel free to browse, comment, and submit your own Actual Points, as many as you like. Please remember that the point of the project is self-acceptance, so while your words need not be positive or uplifting – because not everything we want to accept about ourselves can be perfect – this is not a place for hatred, of self or others.

Submissions and comments will not be approved if they spread hatred or intolerance. There are plenty of places to find those mindsets on the internet; this just isn’t one of them. Please contact Nattily to flag an inappropriate comment or post.

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