I Want To Be a Parent

This submission from Angel the Alien, who blogs at Diary of an Alien.


POINT: I want to be a parent. I plan to adopt a child. I think I’d make a great mom.

COUNTERPOINT: How can I be a parent? I can barely take care of myself! I think like a child. What if I have an emotional meltdown and cannot look after my child? Also my house will be so messy, it will be a health hazard to my child. I need to move on and realize that being a mom is not in my future.
ACTUAL POINT: Lots of people with different special needs are parents, and do a great job of it. Having Aspergers and ADHD can make me an even better parent, especially to a child with special needs of his own, because I am patient and nonjudgemental and I will accept my child for who he is. It is okay to be a parent if your house is messy. It is okay to be a parent if you are sometimes overly emotional. It is okay to be a parent if you sometimes need help with things like knowing how to handle it when the battery in your car dies. This is not as abnormal as i think it is. I will make a wonderful parent.
CONCLUSION: I want to be a parent, and that’s ok. I will be a great mom.

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