I Like Sex

This submission is from blogger Autisticook.

This post addresses sexual practices and preferences in explicit but non-graphic language.


POINT: I like sex.

COUNTERPOINT: No I don’t. I’m just hungry for attention. Or I’m addicted to sex. I disrespect myself by sleeping with people hours after meeting them. I’m a slut who sleeps with every person she meets. I’m a nympho.

ACTUAL POINT: I meet people every day that I have no desire of sleeping with. When I have a really nice conversation with someone, feeling like there’s a click or I’m getting to know them, then I often take the next step very quickly, because I love touching and physical intimacy. I don’t feel it’s wrong to be enjoying that, any more than it’s somehow wrong to be enjoying a conversation with someone. I don’t feel it’s somehow disrespectful of my body, any more than it’s somehow disrespectful to eat wonderful food or drink awesome wines. I’m not addicted because I don’t go out simply to have sex with someone, ANYone. It’s not a compulsion and it doesn’t impact my day to day life. I like feeling sexually attractive but the attention I get from others is not the main point, because if it were, any sex would do. And it doesn’t. Because I don’t enjoy crappy sex.

CONCLUSION: I like sex, and that’s ok.

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