I Know Lots of Random Things

This submission is from blogger Autisticook.


POINT: I know lots of random things.

COUNTERPOINT: You’re just being annoying. You always want to be right. You love showing people up or making them feel stupid. Little Miss Perfect. Know-It-All. Bragging about how much more intelligent you are. Stuck-up bitch. Don’t think for one second you’re better than anyone else. And it’s not even useful information either. Who needs to know what year Belgium gained independence from Holland?

ACTUAL POINT: People love having me on their team with pub quizzes. I don’t know everything, and that’s alright too (I pretty much suck at popular culture or sports trivia). And sometimes my knowledge isn’t trivial. It can add something to the discussion, an illustration of a point, or facts supporting a different opinion. It could be things I’ve read, or data I picked up from somebody else. I don’t do it to embarrass people, it’s just for the love of knowing things, of being able to access that particular folder in my brain and withdraw information. I’m proud of how my brain works, but other brains working differently help me gain new understanding as well. So I don’t think I’m better or more intelligent. It’s just how I am.

CONCLUSION: I know lots of random things, and that’s ok.

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