I Have Prosopagnosia

POINT: I have prosopagnosia/faceblindness.

COUNTERPOINT: No I don’t. There’s nothing neurologically wrong there. Maybe I’m not great with new faces, but it’s a memory thing. It has to do with not caring enough about the people I meet. I can recognize people I care about like my boyfriend and my family and close friends. I’m fantastic with visual and spatial relations. Claiming to be faceblind is just making an excuse.

ACTUAL POINT: Yes, I do. I found out two years ago that other people can imagine faces when they close their eyes. It blew my mind. I scoff when victims or witnesses in tv crime shows can describe criminals, but my friends don’t think it’s unusual or just for tv at all. While I can recognize my boyfriend and family when I expect to see them, I often can’t recognize ex-boyfriends in current photos, and I can’t tell the difference between my brothers after they both cut their hair despite one being 21 and the other being 30. I have run into my little brother on the quad without recognizing him – even when he was waving at me – not just once but three separate times. This summer my boyfriend Patrick and I went to get ice cream and the employee recognized me and said hi. I had no recollection of ever seeing her before. She was confused, but said we were classmates. In fact, we had been in class together all summer, for more than six hours a week in a class of twenty-five students. I fumbled through an embarrassed apology for not recognizing her, paid for my ice cream, and went outside to sit on a bench and cry as I tried to place her in my memory. I cannot recognize my stepmom’s friends or my mother’s coworkers despite having spent lots of time with them, because middle-aged women tend to change their hair and make up much more often than girls/women my age, and their glasses are usually reading glasses so they don’t wear them consistently. At my dad’s birthday party this year, a woman came up to me and gave me a hug. I wanted to introduce her to Patrick but I had no idea who she was. She had to tell me that she was my dentist.

CONCLUSION: I have prosopagnosia, and that’s ok.

From Nattily at Notes On Crazy.

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