I Did The Right Thing

The author of this submission would prefer to remain anonymous.


POINT: What I did was the right thing.

COUNTERPOINT: No, look how much pain it caused, you essentially destroyed someone and nearly yourself. They didn’t deserve that, it was unfair, and you didn’t think it through enough. You were excited by something new and acted impulsively. You could have waited, or not done it at all.

ACTUAL POINT: False, in the end things will be better, overall.  It hurts now for both of us, but of course it does. I’m happier now than I was before, they will be too eventually. We were holding each other back and neither one of us was really happy or being improved by the other. It had to end, and it couldn’t wait.

CONCLUSION: What I did was the right thing, it hurts, and that’s ok.

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